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The hip joint is located in the pelvic girdle and consists of the acetabulum and proximal part of femur. This is a multiaxial ball-and-socket joint like the glenohumeral (shoulder) joint. The hip joint has a stronger labral rim combined with the ligament and capsule. Reinforcement by associated soft tissues provides good stability.
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Total hip replacement
The hip joint is a multiaxial, ball and socket, weight bearing joint. People with severe arthritis in the hip joint, who experience severe pain, limited joint mobility and reduced functional ability, may need total hip replacement.

--Degeneration : Rheumatic Arthritis(RA), Osteoarthritis(OA), infectious hip joint, avascular necrosis and abnormal mechanical alignment of hip joint

--Pain : weight bearing on affected hip and walking and up and down stairs
--Reduced range of motion
--Fatigue : muscle weakness, muscle atrophy
--Functional changes : limp, difficulty standing from a seated position

The outside elastic force and anchor surrounding the waist stabilize the hip joint. The hip support can relieve heavy weight-bearing from the thigh and hip muscle.