A. Made of 100% Cotton without latex or medication.
B. Heat-activated acrylic glue forms ventilated pattern.
C. Water resistant, long-lasting, and highly flexible.
D. Helps maintain normal structural alignment, support weak muscles, and prevent injury.


The inflamed muscles cause constriction of the blood vessels, reduction of lymphatic fluid while affecting muscle and joint mis-alignment. Thus, the body is incapable of functioning normally during daily activities or exercise when muscles become hard to extend or contract due to injuries.

The kinetic tape provides deep and concentrated massage therapy to damaged/adherent muscles and tissues when properly applied on the tender point. The kinetic tape improves lymphatic flow and circulation; facilitates lymphatic fluid into cells for nourishment and stimulates removal of metabolic waste effectively. The kinetic tape can relieve stiff, fibrous muscle and restore it back to its initial flexibility; toward normal range of motion. It helps reduce pain, edema and inflammation.


  • This device is meant for single use only. Repeated uses may affect the performance and/or effectiveness of this product.
  • Do not use this device if there is any damage on attached accessories, components, or the device itself.
  • Do not apply over open wounds or areas with skin conditions such as dermatitis or eczema. Do not apply the tape too tightly, as this may increase the risk of irritation or blisters on the skin due to excessive friction.
  • This product may cause skin irritation for certain individuals. In the event of irritation or pain, remove the product immediately and consult a physician. If you experience any discomfort that may be associated with use of this product, stop using and consult medical professionals.
  • Recycle device components that bear recycling symbols. Dispose of the remainder in accordance with local, regional, or national law and regulations.
  • Serious incidents that occur in relation to the device should be reported to the manufacturer and the competent authority of the Member State in which the user resides.


Base Fabric: 96.6% Cotton, 3.4% Elastane
Glue: Polyacrylates, Ethyl acetate, Hardener
Other: Paper, PE, Silicone


Please store at room temperature. Avoid sunlight and/or exposure to excessive heat or moisture.

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