• A complete progressive resistance exercise program with tension-progressive resistance bands.
  • Multi-function for strength training, stretching, muscle re-education training, coordination training, endurance training and core exercise.
  • Simple to use and portable enough to take anywhere.
  • Provides both concentric and eccentric force on the muscles, improving strength, range of motion and coordination.
  • May be used to train a single muscle group or multiple muscle groups.
  • Color-coded, progressive resistance from yellow to silver.
  • Assists muscle performance.
  • Varying band thickness for increasing resistance levels. 

Knee Extension

Position: Sit on a chair with hips and knees at 90 degrees. Place band around one ankle. Secure the other end to the back of the chair leg as shown.

Exercise: Extend knee. Hold leg in this position for 3 seconds then slowly return to starting position. Switch knees and repeat.

Indications: Meniscal injury/ Patellofemoral syndrome/ Anterior cruciate ligament sprain/ Osteoarthritis knee/ Patellar tilting

Shoulder Diagonal Flexion

Position: Place one end of band under foot and grasp the other end with the opposite hand at left waist level, palm facing in.

Exercise: Lift arm up diagonally across the body ending with palm facing out. Slowly return to starting position. Switch hands / feet and repeat.

Indications: Frozen shoulder/ Shoulder impingement syndrome/ Rotator cuff strain/ Upper back pain

Lower Trunk Lift

Position: Lay on back with hips and knees bent. Loop band around knees. Grasp the band in both hands.

Exercise: Lift knees up without moving arms. Hold this position for 4 seconds and slowly return to starting position.

Indications: Low back pain/ Abdominal muscle strain


  • This product contains latex rubber which may cause skin irritation in individuals with latex allergies.
  • Do not use on rough, sharp, or abrasive surfaces.
  • If shortness of breath, dizziness, or irritation occurs during exercise, cease activity immediately and consult a physician.


97% Natural Latex, 3% Chemicals


  • Wipe OPPO BAND with a towel after use.
  • Store bands in dry, ventilated and cool environment to extend product life.
  • Always check OPPO BAND before use for tears or nicks to prevent injuries.

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