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The wrist joint is a complex structure, consisting of eight carpal bones and the distal part of the ulnar and radial bones. These are the radiocarpal and midcarpal joints. The ulnar bone doesn't directly articulate with the carpal bones. The triangular fibrocartilaginous complex (TFCC) is located between the ulna and carpals. With the disc, the radius bears 60% of loading; without the disc, the radius transmits 95% of the loading.
Common problems | Carpal tunnel syndrome | deQuervain¡¦s tendosynovitis | Wrist strain and sprain
Common problems
Repetitive use of the wrist joint may over-stretch or tear the ligament. Falling down on the wrist, on the palmar and dorsal side may also cause TFCC tear, ulnar fracture, carpal bone fracture, and relative muscle strain and ligament sprain. Other wrist problems include carpal tunnel syndrome (CTS) and deQuervain disease.

The wrist support can help repetitive motion and over-stretch injuries. Adequate compression force relieves pain and allows patient to return to activity easily.